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We have 13 lively and informative seminars this year, scheduled between June 18, 2019 and December 3, 2019; please scroll down to see all dates and topics. This list is subject to change, so please check back from time to time. To register, please go to the Course Registration page, choose the dates you wish to attend, and click Submit. To read a speaker’s bio, click the name to link to the About the Speakers page.

2019 ACPE Course Schedule

June 18, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
Tracking “The Wolf of Wall Street” – An FBI Investigation into Fraud and Money Laundering

3 accounting & auditing credits
Gregory Coleman, Retired FBI Special Agent
In 1989, Jordan Belfort founded Stratton Oakmont, an Over-the-Counter brokerage house. The so-called “Wolf of Wall Street” grew Stratton Oakmont to include over 1,000 stockbrokers, becoming the largest OTC firm in the country. Gregory Coleman led the investigation into the firm’s “pump and dump” schemes and money laundering activities. Mr. Coleman will tell the incredible story of investigating and prosecuting the company and its brilliant, but misguided, leader.

July 2, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
Tax Issues in Divorce and Separation

3 taxation credits
Steven G. Siegel, J.D., LL.M.
In addition to seemingly overwhelming emotional issues, divorcees face significant financial issues. Mr. Siegel will review the significant financial issues these families encounter, including the three possible alimony taxation regimes, child support and property settlement issues, and how to handle the child care credit and the dependency exemption. He will also cover the treatment of alimony payments, the recapture of alimony rules, and the end of alimony trusts.

July 23, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
Update on Elder Law and Special Needs Planning

3 taxation credits
Michael K. Feinberg, J.D., LL.M.
This presentation will review the latest planning techniques for dealing with nursing homes and other long-term care situations. Discussion will also involve applicability of various government programs and benefits. Structure of wills and trusts to deal with these situations will also be reviewed.

July 30, 2019 – 6 PM to 10 PM*
New Jersey Law and Ethics

4 ethics credits
John F. Dailey, Jr., CPA
This is the 4-hour seminar on law and ethics mandated by the NJ State Board of Accountancy once every triennial period.

*This seminar will begin promptly at 6:00 pm. Late arrivals will not be admitted and early departures will result in no credit. Attendees will need to provide their email address and NJ License number in order to receive the link to download their CPE credit letter.

August 13, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
2019 New Jersey State Tax Update

3 taxation credits
Christina Quinones, NJ Divison of Taxation
Ms. Quinones will cover recent changes to New Jersey tax laws, forms and procedures. She will also provide updates on NJ personal and business income tax issues, and other Division hot topics.

August 20, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
Accounting and Auditing Update

3 accounting and auditing credits
Paul Sanchez, CPA, CBA, CFSA
Mr. Sanchez will provide an up-to-date summary of new and proposed A&A rules and regulations. He will cover new and proposed ASUs, as well as critical audit matters such as the new report requirements, which will soon be effective. New and revised interpretations of the Independence Rule and recently issued Guidance on Prior Period Audits will also be covered.

September 3, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
TCJA—What We Learned this Tax Season

3 taxation credits
Ian Taylor, CPA & Shawn Henderson, CPA
This seminar will review key Code sections from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and discuss nuances that may have been missed upon initial reading of the law. The presenters will focus on closely held businesses, especially S corporations and partnerships. Additionally, the speakers will discuss lessons learned from dealing with clients, software vendors and the IRS during this one-of-a-kind tax season.
September 24, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
Implementing the New Revenue Recognition and Lease Accounting Frameworks

3 accounting & auditing credits
Margaret F. Gallagher, CPA
The new revenue recognition and lease accounting frameworks contain significant changes for many companies. The new revenue recognition accounting is in effect now for private companies. The new lease accounting will go into effect next year for private companies. Deepen your understanding of the new requirements using Ms. Gallagher’s practical insights and examples so that you may successfully apply them yourself.

October 1, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
Postmortem Planning Decisions and Elections

3 taxation credits
Steven G. Siegel, JD, LL.M
With the death of a client, trusted financial and legal professionals are charged with special reporting and regulatory requirements. Planning considerations and opportunities for the family should also be carefully considered. Mr. Siegel will provide a comprehensive review of the postmortem process, covering both the standard rules and reporting requirements, as well as the many planning opportunities and related elections that are available.

October 29, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
LLCs, S Corporations, and Choice of Entity after the 2017 Tax Act

3 taxation credits
Peter J. Ulrich, J.D, LL.M. & Todd Kellert, J.D., LL.M. Corp.
The 2017 Tax Act changed some of the key tax factors that are weighed in making a choice of entity selection. This presentation will address why some taxpayers may consider incorporating, or otherwise changing their existing type of entity, and how to consider the relevant factors. Using a few core, frequently-encountered business examples, the speakers will specifically review the relevant tax law, and identify potential benefits and drawbacks with various entity types.

November 5, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
How to Dump SALY and Find a New, Creative Approach to Accounting

3 accounting and auditing credits
Peter Margaritis, CPA, CGMA, MAc
Are you stuck in a rut of “Same As Last Year” and missing potential opportunities or potential areas of risk? Do you wish you were more creative in your thinking? Are you saying to yourself that “I am an accountant, I am not creative?” This course will demonstrate proven methods that accountants can use to unlock their creativity and innovation. Attendees will discover new ways to break through mental barriers and roadblocks - SALY thinking - in order to improve performance, creative thinking and innovation.

November 19, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
2019 IRS Operations Update

3 taxation credits
Glenn J. Gizzi, Senior Stakeholder Liaison, IRS
Mr. Gizzi will provide an update on the individual and business provisions of the Tax Cuts and Job Act from an IRS perspective. Section 199A will be a focus. Opportunity Zone regulations will be covered. Current IRS initiatives affecting you and your clients will also be covered.

December 3, 2019 – 7 PM to 10 PM
2019 Tax Update

3 taxation credits
Bruce E. Mantell, CPA, Esq., LL.M
In this seminar, Mr. Mantell will review significant updates to the federal and NJ income tax rules, as well as the federal and NJ estate and, in the case of NJ, inheritance tax rules.

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